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Features: Keep-Alive is designed to be a non-intrusive application that will patiently wait for a Toontown window to show up.

Once one or more Toontown windows have been loaded, Keep-Alive goes to work (including the minimized ones)...   The program is set to automatically on a regular schedule prevent your toon(s) from falling asleep.

It has been reported to me that Disney is aware of this program and they are currently unable to detect it...  The method used to keep your toon awake does not send any information to the Disney servers, therefore makes it difficult for them to find it and they cannot legally scan your computer for software without a risk of a lawsuit for invasion of privacy.

This program also has a feature that is called "Golf Line", but has proven to be useful during CEO battles for lining up the seltzer bottle.  To enable this feature, right-click on the icon that is located in the System Tray (near the clock) then choose "Golf Line".  This will place a vertical simitransparent line on top of your Toontown window.  To remove the line, right-click the icon again and choose "Golf line".

This program can be run 24/7 without interfering with any other program and only takes up approximately 3.7M of RAM.
Requirements: A (Windows) computer that is capable of running Toontown.
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