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Invasion Notification program is designed to keep you aware of the invasion status of the district you are currently in.

The fact that an invasion is active, the type, and how long the invasion has been active is shown on the title bar of your Toontown window.

***Fixed***  64-bit Windows compliant

***NEW***  Estimated time remaining for Invasion. 
The ESTIMATED time remaining for the invasion is also shown, but due to the fact that Invasions are not TIME orientated, it is not an exact value.  Invasions are based on the number of cogs destroyed.  Once the 1000th cog is destroyed, the invasion is over.

For those who run more than one Toontown window at the same time on the same PC.   Invasion Notification program will now show you the invasion status of each window independently from the other windows. 

The district you are in is shown with the invasion status.

Invasion notifications can be "TOLD" to you. -- If you have Microsoft Speech installed, you will be able to pick a voice to "Announce" the starting and ending of Invasions.

If you teleport into a district that already has an invasion in progress, the timer will not indicate the correct duration.  But after that invasion has terminated, all further invasions will be accurately reported.

When the program is running there will be an icon in your System Tray (area where the clock is) that looks like a gear.

This program can be run 24/7 without interfering with any other program and only takes up approximately 4.93M of RAM.

Requirements: A (Windows) computer that is capable of running Toontown.
Toontown running in WINDOWED mode.
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Download: InvasionNotification
Installer: InvasionNotificationSetup
Version: Last Updated Friday, 01 February 2013, 03:07pm GMT
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