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Doodle Trainer
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Doodle Trainer Toontown Online is closing September 19, 2013

Due to the closing of Disney© Toontown Online™, the Doodle Trainer will no longer be available for purchase.

If the Toontown Online™ game continues to operate after September 19, 2013, I will return the ability to purchase the Doodle Trainer.

No refunds to previous purchases will be honored due to the closing of Toontown.
Have you ever wanted to train your doodles, but don't have the time?

Well, no worries...

I have a solution for you...
  • Train your doodles while you sleep.
  • Maxed doodles usually don't get tired as fast.
  • Get more Laff points for each trick preformed.
    •   5 --> 10 -- Jump
    •   6 --> 12 -- Beg
    •   7 --> 14 -- Play dead
    •   8 --> 16 -- Rollover
    •   9 --> 18 -- Backflip
    • 10 --> 20 -- Dance
    • 11 --> 22 -- Speak
  • If the Cogs take all your gags and leave you sad, just teleport to your estate and have your doodle(s) do a few tricks...  And if you have several of them, you will be tooned up in no time.
  • Have you tried any other Doodle trainers?
    • Difficult to set up?
    • Missing OCX files?
    • Take too long to load?
  • How about macro programs?
    • Record your macro to train a few tricks
    • then re-record it again for other tricks?
  • Have you noticed the Election menu entry?
  • Do you have multiple toons?
    • Most of us do...
  • Are you tired of constantly reconfiguring your trainer?
  • Have you accidentally fired off your macro/trainer while in CJ/CFO only to find out that the trainer just gave away some of your precious Unite phrases?
  • Have you seen other toons with maxed doodles?
  • Well you can have your very own trainer for as little as $3.95 ea.
  • You may use this software on any number of PCs (as longas they are in the same household).   If you would like to use it on PCs in another household, youMUST purchase additional copies.   Purchase only entitles you to use the program, it gives you alicense to use the program within ONE household.   You may train as many doodles as you like.
  • Not responsible to ANY loss:   including but notlimited to: loss of doodle, loss of doodle's training, loss of toon, loss of account
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